Welcome to
Mrs. Lowrie's PreKindergarten!

You may contact me at 281-465-7700
 My email address is tlowrie@conroeisd.net
My conferance period is 11:30 to 12:30.  
For the safety of the children I cannot take phone calls during class time.  


*Meet the teacher is on Wednesday the 17th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.  Come by the school to drop off your school supplies, see the classroom and meet me.  I'm so excited to start our journey together!  

*The first day of school is on August 22nd.  Your child will be receiving a transportation tag which needs to stay attached to their backpack.  Backpacks should be standard sized and come to school every day.  Our daily folders will not fit in toddler sized backpacks.

Reading Homework:  Students are to have someone read with them for twenty minutes each day.

PreKindergarten can be messy, please take this into consideration when helping your child select what to wear to school. Restroom accidents can happen if a child gets into the restroom and is unable to unfasten a belt, pants, etc.   For your child's safety please use shoes they are able to fasten themselves.  A good way to judge if it would be a good choice for school is if they can put the clothes and shoes on by themselves at home.             * Spills happen!  Please keep an extra set of clothes in a zip lock bag in your child's backpack.

Toys!  Kids love their toys.  I have plenty of learning toys at school in our classroom.  Students toys should remain at home for them to enjoy there.
Students should bring their backpack with attached transportation tag to school every day.
Students should read/be read to every day even if there is no other homework.  This may be broken into smaller time periods as long as it adds up to 20 minutes.  The surest way for your child to succeed is reading every day.
Monday -     Read together

Tuesday - Read together.

Wednesday -Read together.
Thursday   Read for twenty minutes.
Friday- Read for twenty minutes.

Pre-Kindergarten is fun, educational and a great socialization experience.  Exposure to other children in a class setting will allow a child to better handle the transition into Kindergarten.  Our Pre-K program is hands-on and developmentally appropriate.  Positive reinforcement will provide the encouragement needed for children to feel comfortable about trying new experiences.  The goal for each child is to gain self confidence, self discipline, a healthy self esteem and a love for learning. We often work with themes that focus on activities that cross all aspects of the curriculum.  Many of the essential skills which are building blocks to future success are presented every day.  Among those skills are: oral language development; listening and following directions; taking turns and working cooperatively; colors and shapes; letter and digit recognition; letter sounds; print concepts and enjoyment of books; rote counting to 30 and one-to-one counting of objects to 10; sorting, patterning and sequencing; writing stories through illustrations; handwriting skills.  Classroom centers enable the children to play as they learn yet meet the expectations of our scope and sequence.  Each day, we believe your child will come home with something...whether it is in their hands, their head or their heart!

PreK Daily Schedule

7:50-8:10                       Welcome Time/Restroom
12:30-12:40                     (Pledges:  8:05am)
8:10-8:30                       Calendar Math/ Skills

8:30-8:50                       Small Groups/Independent Activities

8:50-9:05                       Phonological Awareness/Early Literacy

9:05-9:20                       Shared Reading

9:20-9:35                       Read Aloud

9:35-10:05                      Center Time

10:05-10:20                     Recess

10:20-10:40                     Writing/Writing Workshop

10:45-10:50                    Closing Circle/Dismissal

School Success Tips

*       Be sure your child gets plenty of rest/sleep.  Establish a routine and regular bedtime.  A healthy      breakfast is essential for optimal performance.  If they will be eating at school and are car riders, please try to drop them off by 7:45am so they have time to go through the breakfast line and eat before our day starts at 8:05am.

*       Organize clothing/supplies for school the night before.  Keep in a special place.  Give yourself enough time before school begins so that your child leaves home relaxed.

*    Please have a change of clothes tucked in your child's backpack every day.

*       Talk to your child often.  Use words that will enrich their vocabulary.

*       Encourage your child to solve problems, ask questions and do things for him/herself.

*       Review skills being learned at school.  Refer to the monthly newsletter for suggestions.

*       Provide opportunities to draw, paint, write, enjoy music and PLAY!!

*       Television viewing should be limited and monitored by an adult.  A good idea is to have them "earn" TV time by things such as reading, playing outdoors, or even helping around the house. The same idea can be used for other electronics such as computers, Ipads, or hand held games.  Starting now while they are young will eliminate many problems as they get older.  

*       Hug and kiss your child every day.


Why Read???

Children who are read to from infancy have a thirst for knowledge, seek higher education and establish good reading habits early.

Reading provides a quiet time of sharing and closeness for you and your child.

Your child begins to understand that words and pictures tell a story and that words are used to communicate.

Lap reading helps a child learn to talk and teaches him/her how to listen to sounds and words.  Your child will hear the language of books.

Your child learns that reading is a source of enjoyment as well as a way to  gain information.

Choose books that are appropriate for your child's age and interests.  Look for books with big, bright pictures and simple words.

Read signs in the community (store logos, road signs, billboards) and labels on food products.

Make your own picture books!

Suggestions for Learning at Home
~       Help your child learn their first and last name and whether they are a girl or a boy.

~       Practic writing your child's first name.  Capitalize the first letter and make all other letters in their name lowercase.  (Mary, John)  Use unlined paper and show them where to start writing.  You may make the first letter for them to make it easy in the beginning.

~       Help your child learn the letters in their name and encourage them to look for these letters around the house and in their daily travels.  You could even put name labels on things such as the dining table chairs, bedroom doors, or beds to help your child learn to recognize their name and how it is different from other names.  

~Review the alphabet chart sent home in Wednesday folders.  Say the name of the letter, the sound and identify the picture.

~     Count to 30 every day!  Slow down in the tricky teens to be sure they are saying the words correctly.

~       Play bingo and flash cards to practice digit recognition 0-9.

~       Use household objects to count up to 10.  

~       Sort objects by color, shape and size.

~       Look for patterns in their world.  Create patterns with color, physical motions (jump, twist, jump,_____), etc.

~       Provide crayons and paper for drawing.  

~      Practice using scissors (child/blunt edge).  Cut out coupons/pictures from magazines and newspapers.

~       Work with play-doh, puzzles, pegs, and lacing cards to promote fine motor development and get your child's fingers ready for writing.

~       Look for specific colors AND shapes at home, on family members, in a store and in the car as your travel around town.

~        Practice self help skills:  button, zip, snap, and buckle.  Put on and take off articles of clothing, esp. jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts.  Encourage child to wash own hands, help set/clear the table and clean up toys and games sfter playing.

~       Practice gross motor skills:  jump, hop, skip, gallop, run.  Bounce, catch and throw a ball.

~       Join the public library.    

~       Help your child become familiar with print concepts:  front/back and top/bottom of book; title (name of the book), author (writes the words). illustrator (draws the pictures); title page; difference between words and pictures;
show where we start to read and which way our eyes travel across the print and what to do at the end of each line (return sweep).  Teach your child the proper way to turn pages in the book.  Talk about punctuation (period, question mark, exclamation point) and what they mean.

~       Talk about the characters in your books and where the story takes place.  Help them to retell the story.

Websites for preschoolers:
www.starfall.com  Alphabet and letter sound activities

www.storylineonline.net  Listen to celebrities read popular books


Websites for parents:
www.readtomeintl.org    The site focuses on reading aloud to children as a  simple but effective way of raising children who value and love reading.

www.parents-choice.org  Parents choice Foundation's mission is to provide parents with information to participate wisely in their children's learning outside the classroom.

Words of Praise

I'm proud of you
Kiss your brain
How did you know that?
You tried hard
What a good listener
Hurrah for you
Keep up the great work
Way to go
You are so smart
Hip Hip Hooray
You can do it
You made my day


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