San Jacinto Elementary School
Mira Lipscomb
Conference Time:  10:10-11:00
If you have any questions call the office here at San Jacinto 281-465-7700. Calls may be directed to me only between 10:10-11:00, or after school until 3:30. I also welcome email correspondence. My address is mlipscomb@conroeisd.net.

Welcome to the Second Grade!
Let's make it a great year here at San Jacinto Elem.!!!

Special Reminder for Parents...
Reminder!!! Take home folders are sent home every Wednesday. Please check these each week for student work and for important notices from San Jacinto throughout the school year.
All 2nd graders are expected to be responsible for returning their folders the very next day! Please help Mrs. Lipscomb, and your child, by signing the folder and having it ready to be returned each Thursday.
Thank you!
We use a word study approach for spelling. Our main goal in Second grade is to have each student realize that once he/she learns to spell/read a word with a common pattern, they can use that knowledge to spell/read other words.
If you can spell hand you should also be able to spell…....
sand    band    stand    brand    expand
Once kids begin to recognize common spelling patterns, it enables them to read and spell many more words.

Homework is an essential part of your child's practice in mastering new skills. Homework will provide parents an overview of what is being studied in class! Be a part of homework each day! Homework will go home with your child on Monday.
Please encourage your child to read every night!!!
All homework is due on Friday!!!
Please ask your child if he/she is turning it in on time! Thank you!

NEW: Try this site to help you with creating some words that are from the same families-have the same spelling pattern.

Science/Social Studies9232004_23952_3.png
In Science we plan to conduct Scientific Investigations & Experiments in the classroom. A reminder about experiments:
 Encourage your child to listen and follow directions closely when in the classroom!
In Social Studies we will be reading and talking about many important Americans that helped to shape our country into what it is today! We will also be furthering our studies on our great State of Texas by reading and talking about important Explorers & Missions who led the way for Texas to gain its independence from Mexico!
In case you didn't know, our class visits the Library, and the Computer Lab regularly.

Weblinks  9232004_24024_4.png

Animal Research - This is a good site for many types of research and just plain fun.

National Geographics Kids  

Kids' Click Search Engine

Greater Than, Less Than

Putting Numbers in order

Odd & Even

Switch Zoo

Please remind your child that all students are expected to leave personal items such as toys, trading cards, old cell phones, and stuffed animals at home. Please help Mrs. Lipscomb keep all children focused, and on task, by leaving items such as these mentioned at home each and every day. It will be greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to e-mail me, or call me at school if you have any questions concerning homework or any future class projects that we will work on throughout this school year! My conference time is listed at the top of this page.


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